About Afrocon Construction

Civil Engineering Contractors in KwaZulu-Natal

As a responsible corporate company in South Africa, Afrocon has achieved the status of Level 1 B-BBEE contributor, and we’re continuously striving to maintain this rating. Afrocon is also a level 8 CE registered with the CIDB.


When it comes to the service we deliver to our clients, we strive to employ highly qualified staff to maintain a high quality of workmanship on all our projects. We ensure compliance with the South African Constitution, and will uphold all employment and labour legislation.


We commit ourselves totally to honouring agreements with our clients, and we promise to perform our duties with the highest level of professionalism. We inform our clients beforehand of the level and quality of service they can expect from Afrocon, so they know what to expect. We value our clients and for this reason, should a client not be satisfied with our services and/or products, Afrocon will endeavour to rectify the situation promptly.


Afrocon is committed to a high standard of safety on all our sites, and we’ve secured the services of an independent safety company to monitor site safety. These safety consultants report directly to Afrocon management. To ensure a high standard of quality, we have an internal Afrocon Quality Control System which is strictly adhered to at all times.


Afrocon firmly believes in equal opportunity employment, redressing the imbalances and discrimination of the Apartheid era. Afrocon therefore gives employment preference to historically disadvantaged groups such as women, the disabled, and Africans in accordance with the government’s affirmative action policy. The provisions of the Labour Relation Act, Skill Development Act, and other relevant legislation will be stringently adhered to.

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